Juancho Forlanda

Stockton Unified School District
Technology Manager
Stockton, CA
We deal with BusinessPlus (B+) from the IT side of the house. Because we have a large number of unique bargaining unit contracts, we customize B+ significantly to fit our unique needs. Also looking for other users who have overcome manual processes using online leave and timesheet solutions with B+ to learn about the challenges they had and how they dealt with them.
Monday, October 8

8:30am MST

11:30am MST

4:00pm MST

6:00pm MST

Tuesday, October 9

7:00am MST

8:00am MST

9:30am MST

9:50am MST

10:55am MST

11:45am MST

12:50pm MST

3:30pm MST

4:35pm MST

Wednesday, October 10

7:00am MST

8:00am MST

10:25am MST

12:20pm MST

3:00pm MST

4:05pm MST

Thursday, October 11

8:00am MST

9:05am MST

10:15am MST