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Arnold Mortzheim, CPA

InTouch Receipting
Tacoma, Washington
As a CPA and working in districts for two decades with building and online point of sale solutions, I have a professional background in internal financial controls, system design (adjusting current internal processes and accounting), and audit. InTouch Receipting covers online and building point of sale designed by myself, excellent developers, and twenty years of working with business managers - InTouch provides excellent parent support online and in the building, supports administration, supports teachers, fundraising, gates, concessions, and soon online student registration for athletics and activities. InTouch will streamline processes and reduce workflows while at the same time improve revenue collections. Some systems look at just fees or have archaic approaches to the total customer experience: InTouch looks at the entire district and all district customer types in one system which integrates with financial, student, library, asset management, food services and other systems. Anybody can visit with me about improving controls, increasing total revenues, managing fundraisers, streamlining operations or how to address historically poor internal building accounting processes.